Sunday, March 13, 2016

9 Months // 3.5 Years {February 2016}

The post I wrote but never published...
February is almost over which is crazy... I am still working on uploading my Christmas pics, so that's...awkward!  

This winter has been so mild we have really been lucky and this month has been a little of every season from 6 degrees one weekend to 72 wild but totally not complaining because those warmer days are so awesome!

This month we celebrated my 31st Birthday, Mason turning 9 Months, & Valentine's Day! Rilyn turns 3.5 March 6th though so I thought I'd drop in a little update for her too :)

February 5th {31st Birthday}
My Birthday this year was so much fun... I had taken the day off in hopes of doing the rarest thing of all--nothing!  But I lasted about an hour...haha!  I was all for a Netflix and chill day until the opportunity came.  I did however enjoy that hour so very much after I got my family out the door for the day and I watched the Today Show, drank coffee in silence and painted my nails. I had texted my friend Serene and we decided to head out for the day.  We went out to lunch at an Italian place we love-- and seriously has the best crab-cakes ever, got Starbucks and did some shopping.  By the time I was done with all that it was dinner time and my husband picked up the kids and met me at my other favorite restaurant Mad Mex.  Who doesn't love Mexican food?!  Give me all the gauc, tacos and mango margaritas in the the world... I could eat it everyday.  The kids were really good and Rilyn had us laughing the whole time...such a little character at this age!  I came home and my hubby had surprised me with my bday presents and my absolute favorite... dark chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva... and wine too of course! I had such a perfect day got to eat, drink and see my favorite people in one day.  

February 11th {Mason turned 9 months}
N I N E flipping months... I can't even believe it!!!  At 9 months Mr. Mason weighed 20.6 lbs, 30" tall and head circumference of 18".  She didn't give me a percentile for weight or head but I am assuming around 60% like he has been but for height she said he is the top of the curve just between 98-99th percentile!  He is so darn long... my boy is going to be taller than me by 10 years old!  He wears 12-18 month clothing and size 4 diapers. 

Our sweet boy is just that, he is insanely sweet and charming.  He flirts with everyone wherever we go and particularly has a thing for blonds!  He laughs SO hard at his sister all day... he just looks up to her so much, you can tell he totally thinks Rilyn is the coolest kid to ever walk the planet.  He still loves when I sing to him and he loves to play peek-a-boo!  He will take a burp cloth, blanket, or his bath towel and cover his face, start to chuckle then drop it until you catch on that he's playing!  If I sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, he moves his hands in the air like he's doing it, man I just love him so much... anything he does, I find to be amazing.  

He still loves eating!  Loves his bubby's and food .... started eating more solid foods recently like yogurt melts, little crunchies, pancakes, waffles, chicken and cheese quesadillas.  It's weird, I am still incredibly scared of choking...but we are working on adding more big boy foods to his diet and phasing out purees.  You are picking up food using the pincer grasp so much better recently which is an awesome sign you are ready to self feed.

You had a bit of a rough patch with sleeping during month 8 but I am happy to report you've been back to normal for the most part... you are waking for the day earlier but we know you are unfortunately going through the process of cutting FOUR more teeth at poor baby... I feel like you won't ever catch a break from those darn teeth!  So you have 4 teeth in with 4 more trying to make an appearance soon.   

You really light us all up Mase...we seriously can't get enough of you and I am so amazed by how much personality you have at 9 months.  But you communicate so well (much earlier than your sister actually)... by shaking your head no, motioning your hands for more food, or signaling that you want a bubba, You show preference to toys, you laugh so much, you know exactly how to make me melt into a puddle of mush...instantly! You started taking big boy baths a few weeks or maybe its been a month or two.... I am just being honest I can't remember!!  But I do know this, you love it so very much and light up when you are in that tub.  You love to walk... that is all you want to do all the live long day... you start cheesin so hard but since you aren't walking unassisted yet you want me to hold your hands!  It's so cute though and all you want to do is follow sissy around :)  I think you'll be cruising after her before we know it.  Your favorite toys are any type of ball and any type of vehicle that moves that you can push around and also you have become extremely fond of your sisters little tool set!! Haha... you two are always taking the tools off each other.  

I can't believe we are less than 11 weeks away from your 1st Birthday...I am going to a wreck over it!  Please stay little forever my sweet baby boy!!

February 14th {Valentine's Day 2016}
This year Valentine's Day was on a Sunday so it was nice I had a chance to finally be home for this cute little Holiday.  I got up early to make a cute little breakfast for the kids to enjoy and got them a few V-day goodies!  Daddy and I had celebrated our Valentine's Day the night before with some Pad Thai, Wine and a Movie...we watched sisters with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler...hilar! 8 years later, he's still my favorite Valentine's date :)  The rest of the day was really just us being together as a family and enjoying lots of playtime with the kids.  

March 6th {Rilyn turns 3.5 years old}
I can't believe this kid is halfway to 4... that sounds unreal to me...I am pretty sure she should only be turning 2 at this point.  I have no idea how tall she is but we did have her weighed and she weighs 29 lbs now...woohoo!!! We have made MAJOR strides with this girls eating and I am so thankful for that!  

Sometimes, I don't know where to begin with this girl.  She seriously cracks me up beyond belief and then within minutes can test my patience like I never thought was possible...that's a three year old for you though, it just comes with the territory!  She really is a good kid though and I am beyond proud of her.  She is so smart, so caring and has the best sense of humor. 

I think her favorite thing in the world is being a big sister to Mason.  She has found her element, she loves taking care of him, helping him, playing and entertaining him and of course stealing all his toys from him to give them a test run! She is just so smitten with him and the luxury of baby brother has not worn off on her yet! Now that he's scooting and crawling around she's even more obsessed, I think once he learns to walk she'll think it's even cooler to have a sibling to play with...and fight over toys with ;)

She still loves paw patrol and the little mermaid. She's obsessed with both and by no surprise her favorite episode of paw patrol is mer-pup.  She's also still into her baby doll and all that stuff, she doesn't really stay focused on one thing for long but something that's always consistent is pretending to be a little mommy to her baby girl...her baby girl she named Mason :).  She loves to do anything adult-like over playing with toys or watching a movie.  She loves to work-out with me, she loves cleaning, she love love loves to help in the kitchen with cooking or meal prep! She often helps daddy with the laundry and will jump at the opportunity to help unload cases of bottled water into the fridge downstairs.  She's just like her momma, as a kid I was truly never into toys or TV, my mom said I just always wanted to be doing what the adults were doing.  

She's an incredible help to us though and we appreciate her so much.  We hit a bit of a rough patch when she turned three with her pushing limits and boundaries like a typical 3 year old does but the past couple months we have been on the upswing of things...after lots of time-outs and tough love we showed her she can push the limits but we were standing ground and it worked.  

She's incredibly smart and I can't stress that enough because her little mind works differently.  Rilyn has never just jumped into things without thinking about them first.  She's cautious, she's reserved, she's a thinker.  Most kids don't think twice to just run towards something and try it out.  Rilyn thinks differently and will observe the outcome and can see wait I might get hurt or that could be scary and takes her time with things...she never does anything until she is fully ready and can do it perfectly.  She excels in preschool and she's the youngest in her class but her teacher always tells me Rilyn is one of the top students.  She loves school and loves telling us what she learned and did that day! 

Watching her grow into a young little girl is a gift, she makes everyday an adventure and brings us all so so many laughs! 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend with Snow!

This past weekend we actually got some snow that accumulated.  Although it's always freezing this time of year, we just don't get a ton of snow here in Pittsburgh. Nothing like I was used to growing up in Erie.  I have countless memories as a kid where the snow was up to my neck and it was just a normal day! My sister and I spent tons of time out in the snow, we loved it.  Rilyn is now at the age where she's so excited to play in the snow! Last year I think she lasted 5 minutes and then wanted to go back in! 

We got hit with snow Friday night...I'd say about 4-5"...nothing crazy but we already had about 2" on the ground so this finally gave us enough where Ry could play in it.  Saturday morning before we even left her room after her waking she was begging to go outside & play in it! 

Saturday, while Mason napped we took her out.  She had so much fun and was loving it running around, making snow balls and shoveling with her princess shovel haha.  It was nice to spend some alone time with just her out there.  Mason has not been feeling well so he's been the center of our attention and focus, which is just something that happens when you have a sick baby.  Rilyn has been so patient and understanding though, I've been really proud of her this week because let's face it, her wants and needs took a slight backseat at times while we were taking care of Mason.

Saturday evening my friends actually came from Erie for the night.  We've been trying to get together for some adult time for awhile but we both have two kids and live in different cities.  Their kids stayed with her sister for the night while her and her husband escaped to our place!  We got a sitter and headed to a local winery for some tastings and dinner reservations.  Afterwards we stopped at a bar close to our house for a couple more drinks since we finished dinner sooner than we thought!  The rest of the night we played some drinking card games---which totally made us all flash back to the good old college days of playing waterfall and never have I ever.  They are so funny to play in your 30's and when you have kids...the topics are just much different!  You'll find your rhymes to be kid related and one of our "categories" during Kings was colors of crayola crayons! #toddlermomprobs

Late night my husband busted out his turn tables and played some jams for us...again took us right was as if it was 2004 all over again ;)  We had so much fun and we are so glad they came...even if it meant a 3 am bedtime and a baby who kept me up until 6:30am! Ha, thanks Mase! But you gotta have those nights here and there that you remember to have fun and laugh and be an adult...because in reality the four of us still naturally spent 70% of our night talking about our children anyway! 

Sunday the snow was fastly melting since the temp went up and it was sunny so as Rilyn ran around yet again begging to put on her snow pants all morning we took the kids out to enjoy it before it's gone.  We even brought Mason out for some fresh air...Daddy took him back in after 10 minutes though because we didn't want him to get anymore sick than he is.  He sure did look adorable in his snowsuit though :).  Getting Rilyn to come back in was quite the struggle, she kept saying no mommy, the sun is still out! Haha...can't blame her though, being couped up inside isn't for me either, I'm just glad after two months of wishing for snow she finally got to play in it. 

Love these little babes so much!!!